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LEAPS-INNOV has reached grant agreement process

LEAPS is delighted to announce that its project proposal “LEAPS-INNOV” has reached the grant agreement process!

The LEAPS pilot to foster open innovation for accelerator-based light sources in Europe under the H2020 Call INFRAINNOV-04-2020: Innovation Pilots for Research Infrastructures, A Research and Innovation Action (RIA) will start in aparil 2021 and run for four years with a budget of 10 million EUR.

I am excited that LEAPS-INNOV not only brings together all LEAPS partners, but also starts to form much closer relations to industrial partners, which are of major importance for such a technology-driven consortium, says Elke Plönjes (DESY), Scientific Coordinator of the proposal.

In the context of open innovation, the LEAPS-INNOV pilot project focusses on the implementation of new strategies and activities for long-term partnerships between industry and the European light sources, synchrotrons and free-electron lasers, with their tens of thousands of users. It will contribute to solving key technological challenges for over 50 facilities in Europe and worldwide. LEAPS-INNOV aspires to strengthen highly specialised European companies, predominantly SMEs, for the market of light sources worldwide. LEAPS-INNOV will kick-start the implementation of the LEAPS Technology Roadmap and, at the same time, will foster a partnership with European industry through open innovation by offering joint technological developments and advanced research capabilities with LEAPS members for industry as collaborator, supplier and user. A number of different approaches and actions for partnership with industry will be undertaken and accessed, with the goal of accumulating a strategy for long-term industry engagement for LEAPS on a European level.

LEAPS-INNOV will foster Innovation through involvement by more than 50 companies.


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