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The following publications are related to the LEAPS-INNOV project:

Articles in journals:

Zhang,K. et al. (2023): Record field in a 10 mm-period bulk high-temperature superconducting undulator. Superconductor Science and Technology 36(5) 05LT01.

Calvi, M. et al. (2023): GdBCO bulk superconducting helical undulator for x-ray free-electron lasers. Physical Review Research 5(3), L032020.

Baader, J.E., Abeghyan, S., Casalbuoni S. et al. (2022): SUNDAE2 at EuXFEL: A Test Stand to Characterize the Magnetic Field of Superconducting Undulators. Journals of Accelerator Conferences Website, IPAC 2022.

Baader, J.E., Casalbuoni, S. (2022): Magnetic field reconstruction using the pulsed wire method: An accuracy analysis, Measurement 193, 110873.

Kepa, M.W., Tomizaki, T., Sato, Y. et al. (2022): Acoustic levitation and rotation of thin films and their application for room temperature protein crystallography. Sci Rep 12, 5349.

Kubec, A., Samadi, N., Langer, M. et al. (2022): Slope Error Correction On X-Ray Reflection Gratings By Variation Of The Local Line Density. Opt Express 30. 46248-46258.

Orsini, F., Aplin, S., Balerna, A. et al. (2023): XAFS-DET: A new high throughout X-ray spectroscopy detector system developed for synchrotron applications, NIMA 1045, 167600.

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