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LEAPS-INNOV Workflow Co-Working Sprint

starting 10 February 2022 | Online Workshop

We are delighted to announce the "LEAPS-INNOV Workflow Co-Working Sprint" which will take place beginning from 10 February 2023 virtually.

The key idea of workflow tools (e.g. nextflow or snakemake) is that they allow to build scalable automated data processing workflows incorporating different software packages, and then make them portable to different computing environments, making it easier to share with other beamlines and facilities.

For this workshop and mentoring program, which is organized by the LEAPS-INNOV Work Package 7 (Data), a call for abstracts is available and open until 31 January 2023. Beamline scientists, software engineers and others who have software that they would like to share with the wider community are welcome to apply as teams. In the mentoring program, the goal is to pair scientists/engineers with people experienced in using a workflow engines that fosters reproducibility. By working together (remotely) over the course of 6 weeks, starting with the kick-off workshop on 10 February, the teams will facilitate an automated workflow (e.g. that is fit for HPC execution) which will ideally be published on platforms like WorkflowHub so that the community can reuse it.

Further information and the call for abstracts can be found here.

If you have further questions, please directly contact Peter Steinbach.


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