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Online mini-workshop on 'Synchrotron and FEL radiation for quantum technology'

The workshop aiming at researchers in quantum technology was a great success attracting up to 90 participants. It gave an overview about experimental capabilities at synchrotron radiation and free-electron laser sources and how they serve applications in quantum technology. One presented highlight concerns the detection of a small number of Ga impurities implanted in Si using x-ray fluorescence. Another one was on the detection of very low energy phonons in a molecular qubit material and their role in spin relaxation. Conventional access modes to synchrotron and FEL radiation were explained with the examples of BESSY II and the European XFEL. Two instruments interesting for quantum technology have been introduced and options for strategic access were discussed.

The workshop - except for the brainstorming session - is available here as recording.

The list of contents with timestamps for easy navigation is here. Extra slides of the presentation by George Kourousias "Ptychography and Quantum Technologies - plus other synchrotron and FEL techniques @ELETTRA" are available here.

Download PDF • 47KB

Ptychography_ and_Quantum_Technologies Kourousias
Download PDF • 8.96MB


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