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Open TamaTA-INNOV call: Access for SMEs

We are delighted to announce that the call for SME proposals in the TamaTA-INNOV programme is open for the second time. The deadline for submitting proposals will be 28th July 2023.

Light source facilities produce exceptionally intense beams of X-rays, ultra-violet and infrared light and have a wide range of industrial applications that allow products or processes to be studied at the microscale and that can contribute to the innovation and competitiveness capabilities of the industrial sector.

SMEs can benefit from light source capabilities thanks to the TamaTA-INNOV programme in LEAPS-INNOV which is supporting industrial projects in an easy, agile and simple procedure by funding an access programme that is tailor-made for the companies.

Further information is available on the dedicated website Way for Light and you can submit your proposal here.

For more information, do not hesitate to contact the industrial contact points or the TamaTA-INNOV coordinators.


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