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Why SMEs need light sources - new brochure available

Synchrotron X-rays are billions of times brighter than those generated in a laboratory. As a result, they can expose material processes that are otherwise invisible to industry researchers. Synchrotrons and free-electron lasers are among the most powerful tools on Earth for illuminating the structure, composition and behaviour of materials. Their insights can hugely accelerate industrial research and development in a wide range of sectors. 

Over four years, within a broader Horizon2020 "CALIPSOplus" project, TamaTA made use of European Commission Horizon 2020 funding to subsidise access to synchrotrons for dozens of small-to-medium sized enterprises (SMEs), with impressive results. TamaTA's work is now continuing within the Horizon 2020 "LEAPS–INNOV" project.

The following publication presented by the TamaTA Programme was published on Zenodo and showcases a dozen of the projects done with SME on a wide variety of industrial innovative areas:


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