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Workflow Coworking Sprint Finalised

In LEAPS-INNOV WP7, the package beneficiaries are working on novel compression schemes for data recorded at synchrotron light sources. In the process, we discovered a lot of genuine ways to reconstruct and record data that beamlines use on a daily basis. Unfortunately, many of these workflows are rarely shared or archived in a way that has reproducibility (for their reuse by others) in mind.

With our co-working sprint, we wanted to change that! The goal of this co-working sprint was to pair scientists with experts experienced in using a workflow engine. Today, the latter offer a software solution that fosters reproducibility despite multiple steps of data analysis. At the same time, they allow for scalable parallel execution of independent tasks. In our sprint, we attracted 5 mentors (2 from Seqera Labs and 3 from HZDR) that were paired with teams from DESY Hamburg, ALBA, HZDR and KIT.

The [final event]( on Mar 30, 2023, culminated these activities. All participants saluted the opportunity to upskill themselves with the two engines that played their part in the sprint: [nextflow]( and [snakemake]( Here is an excerpt from the anonymous feedback survey:

I liked the structure with the first day being an introduction of the tools by experts and then mentors working with teams. I hope there will be co-working events like this in the future.

We have learned a lot and are planning to conduct similar events in the future. Should you be interested to find out more, please get in touch with: [Peter Steinbach](


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