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WP 9

Innovation by Co-creation towards Global Challenges

Work Package Leader:
F. Hennies (MAXIV)

WP 9 will be focused on the broadening of the existing collaborations of the consortium partners towards areas of excellent science, new applications fostering innovation and societal needs. This aim shall be achieved by addressing Horizon Europe Missions and Clusters and creating innovation and sustainability by focusing on the needs of European Partnerships. Moreover, it will establish co-creation structures allowing for joint development of key technologies and continuous promotion and development of the user community, including joint development of novel science instruments.


The networking will include numerous actors belonging to the whole co-creation chain related to the development of new products in different fields, involving therefore research infrastructures, academia, industry and citizens. Outcomes of the work package shall be the publication of a catalogue of entities from different fields contributing to the overall goals, co-creation implementation studies focused on specific technological challenges and theme-focused round-table meetings addressing co-creation opportunities.


WP 9:


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