Call for proposals
LEAPS-INNOV co-creation programme

LEAPS-INNOV project offers seed funding for cooperation pilots of LEAPS facilities with user communities

Two types of initiatives can get seed funding in the order of 100k€ for 18 months:

a) collaborative technology developments;

b) collaborative development of strategic community access modes.

The LEAPS-INNOV innovation pilot project focusses on the implementation of new strategies and activities for long-term partnerships between industry and the European accelerator-based light sources, synchrotrons and free-electron lasers, with their tens of thousands of users. LEAPS-INNOV aims at kick-starting the implementation of the LEAPS Technology Roadmap and, at the same time, at fostering collaboration with European industry through open innovation.

Via the LEAPS-INNOV-co-creation programme, experienced as well as new user communities have a chance to develop new concepts, methods and technologies suited to their needs together with LEAPS facilities. The focus lies on joint technological developments, advanced research capabilities and access opportunities at the LEAPS facilities for both industry (as collaborator, supplier and user) and academic user communities in general.

Project types of interest in this Call:

Technology developments – any development of instrumentation that improves the use of LEAPS facilities for specific user communities. Project deliverables shall be stated clearly in the application and can preferably be a prototype or a technical design report for a science instrument with an instrument / method paper submitted to an open journal. The funding from LEAPS-INNOV can be used for salaries, services or goods as well for collaboration meetings. A clear user commitment (in form of matching funds or complementary resources) is expected.


Development of targeted challenge driven access modes - any development of targeted challenge driven access modes that benefit specific user communities solving a certain problem related to societal challenges at LEAPS facilities that need a collective effort. Targeted challenge driven (strategic) access for well-defined user communities is a cornerstone of the LEAPS strategy of a co-creation approach between facilities, academic research, and innovation driven enterprises. Project deliverables should include a description of the addressed user community, how the user community will organize itself around the strategic access, selection process and criteria for the beam time access, amount of beamtime requested, methods/instrumentation and installations needed. The funding from LEAPS-INNOV can be used for salaries, or services as well as for collaboration meetings. In-kind contribution as additional commitment (in form of matching funds or complementary resources) is expected.



Funding volume and period:

  • Funding will be provided for the period 1st January 2023 to 30th June 2024.

  • Two or three projects will be funded with a budget of 100k€-150k€ each.


  • Eligible are consortia comprising at least two LEAPS members and at least one user institution (academic or industrial) representing a larger user community or a user consortium, which is independent (different legal entity) from the LEAPS members. As user institution qualifies any institution that performs research at a LEAPS light source or intends to do so. The application must clearly outline the role of each partner. (In case of industrial partners, they cannot contribute as equipment provider; their contribution should imply active contribution to project development.)

  • One of the partners will have to be the lead applicant and be responsible for the budget.

  • The deliverables should include to guarantee a sufficient public dissemination of the project results. Open sharing of project information and deliverables is encouraged among all applicants.

Selection criteria:

  • Complementary of the consortia partners, contribution of the user institution

  • Benefit for a larger part of the user community

  • Alignment with the LEAPS strategy [1]

  • Contribution to LEAPS efforts to link to EU Horizon Europe missions and/or EU partnerships

Selection process:

  1. Review by a selection committee comprising of members of the Innovation Advisory Board, the Executive Board and the Governing Board of LEAPS-INNOV.

  2. Decision by LEAPS-INNOV Governing Board.

Call timeline:

  1. Call opening: 15th October 2022

  2. Call deadline: 30th November 2022

  3. Decision on granted proposals: 15th December 2022

  4. Project start: 1st January 2023

To apply for the LEAPS-INNOV co-creation programme, please fill in the application template and submit the document in pdf format to the following email address grantsoffice@maxiv.lu.se by November 30th 2022. 

For any enquiries please contact grantsoffice@maxiv.lu.se